Personal training, like any other career, requires clients; some you attract, some you lose. The trick is not only about finding clients, but also giving them a reason to stay. It takes extra effort and presence to find prospects, and to convince them with your services.

Here you can find several methods to follow in order to get your career going, but remember, your qualifications are always the key, these are merely ways to show them.

Invest in Social Media Presence:

Printed journalism and advertising are still high-ranked for sure. Yet, the world nowadays drifted towards social media and you can’t ignore that fact.

Make sure you are always active on social media and take into consideration the following:

  • Choose one or more social media platforms.
  • Create your personal training page.
  • Always stay up-to-date with health and fitness articles and share them to your page.
  • Take a look into competitors pages and learn from their mistakes; we all make mistakes, the key is to turn them into lessons.
  • Always update your page.
  • Keep engaging with your followers whether through posts, comments, or private DMs.
  • Share your personal experiences to motivate clients.
  • Show your clients’ progress to motivate prospects.
  • Always address the issues people encounter while training.

Keep up with the academic programs offered by community colleges, technical institutes, health centers, or universities:

As aforementioned, your qualifications are the key. Therefore, make sure to build an adequate resume for people to choose you rather than any other personal trainer.

The academic field is the most trustworthy reference for people, so take the time to investigate teaching opportunities at health centers, or colleges since it is a general requirement for most. Community high schools don’t usually have an enough budget to hire a coach, contact these schools and offer your services to support young athletes.

Having this kind of a job opportunity would enrich your resume, enhance your qualifications, and spread your name as a personal trainer.

Create Referral Reciprocity:

Engage with your clients and build a client-loyalty program in which you offer discounts and show your appreciation for your clients trust.

Don’t hesitate to ask for your clients recommendation of you to people seeking the personal training and health services you offer. Seek out other professional trainers to include each other in your referral lists.

Provide mini workshops for local businesses:

The idea behind this step is to build a network and attract prospects more than it is about making money.

Contact the local businesses in the area and offer your services whether through a short workshop, podcast, or webinar. Try to lower your fees since employees’ general fitness and health is considered a luxury rather than a priority.

Online Presence:

People nowadays seek answers off the internet, so make sure you’re there for help. You can create a YouTube channel, podcasts, blogs, TED talks, and Udemy courses. All of which are the most go-to platforms for people. Create an informative, engaging content for people to benefit from, share, and recommend.

Clients’ testimonials as a marketing strategy:

We have already talked about building a network and getting a use of people’s high opinions of you. You can take that a step further by including your clients’ testimonials of their progress using your services in your marketing plan.

Whether on social media, printed brochures, or your website, these testimonials will give your career a boost and attract prospects, simply because they make your theoretical qualifications practically valid for those whom yet to know you.

Offer special prices deals:

People always seek the best in terms of qualifications and economical aspect. Every service provider knows that fact, and tries to lure in prospects by offering special prices and discounts.

Analyze what your competitors are doing, and do it better your own way. For instance, you can offer free assessments, holiday specials, and discounts with a percentage and terms you set as you find fit.

Always show yourself in the community:

Personal training is all about being present and communicating with people to address their needs. Reach out for nonprofits, volunteer with organizations and associations, and contribute in community activities. This method would make you known and enhance your marketing campaign.